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Hi, I'm Becca! I'm an elementary school teacher, facilitator of THEGROOVE, writer, friend, daughter, daydreamer, and MUCH more. I teach a variety of grade levels as I'm still waiting for that one moment and paper that says I am 'contracted' to teach permanently. In the meantime I teach, I write and I facilitate Groove classes weekly - and absolutely love doing it all. Check out the Groove link on my home page to learn more about it. And check out the picture below from an AWESOME night of GROOVING:

When I found THEGROOVE, and incorporated it into my daily life I found peace and excitement (I know - both extremes of one another) flow more readily in my life. That being said, I could also be considered a Yogi...because if I am not on the dance floor I can be found dropping things I don't need off on my mat.

I'd like to think that I am in the process of making my dreams come true...and I encourage others to do the same!

As a young child I started writing stories (result of my daydreaming habits) and as I prepare to share them with the world I've decided to capture my journey as a teacher, writer, and dancer in the blogging world! My daydreaming usually has me imagining all sorts of wonderful and beautiful things and most of my friends and family would suggest that I tend to always seek out the beauty in all things...my students might even call it magic...

Happy reading :)

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