Friday, 14 March 2014

"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi

A few weeks ago I received a book called "The Desire Map" by Danielle Laporte. This book guides you through creating goals with soul!  As I was reading I realized that most of my goal setting over the last few years have been inspired by my dreams but not necessarily centred around how I want to feel in life. Needless to say, I can't quite put this book down.  And then - I came across this quote which makes complete sense. I believe that we are meant to have what we desire. We all have desires that we yearn for. Except, we need to create a positive feeling to welcome these desires in. When creating goals to meet our desires we really need to focus on how we want to feel in all areas of our lives. 
It was like a light bulb came on. It is so true. "what you seek is seeking you" - we create our experiences. If you want to feel good - then think good thoughts. Does this mean you'll never think a negative thought? Absolutely not - but over the last few years, one of the biggest things that I have learned is that we have the power to stop these thoughts right in their tracks and redirect them. This might be one of the greatest lessons I've ever had. I've generally experienced positive thoughts naturally; ones with beauty and gratitude. However, before this learning I didn't entirely believe that I deserved all of my desires because I had created ones that didn't focus on the feeling I wanted, and this was evident through my thoughts. I started to make excuses for things like "not having a contract in teaching because other people need it more" just to name one...except when I really think about my desire to help children learn and grow - I am 100% doing this - have been for most of my life - in the capacity of the truest care out there. The contract really doesn't matter. It will come when it is meant to. What really matters is that I have been seeking this title of "contract" which has confused my real desire to "help children" - and the universe has seemed to always present opportunities to do this. This is what feeds my soul - the good feeling I truly desire which is to help children and not the paperwork that says I can do it full-time.
So, my message for today is - figure out what you seek...and see if it is already in your life and if it is, then in what form is it there? Has it been showing up as something else or in a slightly different way? If it is not there, can you redesign what you seek? (I highly recommend "The Desire Map" as a tool to figure this out). And - remember....thoughts are only thoughts and they can be changed. It takes time, patience and energy...but from the many teachings I have had from people like Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer - and from putting these ideals into practised - it can be done. 
Here's something to ponder from Rumi's teachings;
"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"
Definition of joy: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. (from good ol' google itself - lol)
How do we create more of this feeling in our lives? Last summer in the summer camp my colleague and I opened, a sweet little girl gave us a very wise lesson about "joy". From the words of this sweet little angel "I'm going to do good things, to earn more joy, so that I can share it with you". I'm not sure who else is with me - but I'm willing to put the effort in to feel more joy - because for me - feeling joy is one of my deepest desires.

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