Sunday, 27 April 2014


This past week I received the first sketch of the main character for one of the children's books that I have written AND I was completely ecstatic when I got it! The little character is PERFECT! I am seriously trying to contain myself as I wait for the rest of the process to unravel...It was a really cool feeling to open a package for this purpose - almost like another step in my journey as been unlocked and life has given me more opportunity to be authentically me. And as much as I want to surprise the people in my life with the final product, I need to share my excitement.. It got me thinking about who is in my life and who has supported me through my journey and who will still be there once my books are published...and so this past week I've also been taking a look at my 'community'. By this I don't mean the place in which I live and am therefore a part of...I mean the people and places I associate myself with. Especially the people. I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have the people in my life that I do, that goes far beyond my family. I have a community of beautiful best friends, friends, yogis, groovers, and just people I've met along the way in life. Some of my community members I can't imagine life without and I thank my lucky stars for them.
I've decided to spend the next - how ever long it takes - sending  thank you notes to my community - for being in my life in whatever way they have been, supporting me on my journey - some people have played a bigger role than others but I thank each person just the same. I have also shown the people that I care about that I care about them, and I will ALWAYS do that regardless of what life has to offer...and my message for today is to invite you, others, anyone to join me in this 'gratitude' shift...appreciate the people who make a difference in your life, the people who have believed in you and your dream - sometimes more than you have...because there comes a time when your dream comes to fruition and those people need to know they helped you in some way shift into the person you have become. This gratitude shift is meant to be different than your average 'thank you' -way bigger than just a simple thank's telling the people why you thank them and showing that you want them in your life regardless of where life takes you...
Today's blog is short n' sweet - because -'s absolutely beautiful outside and I can't wait to get back out there and soak up some time with the sun! I hope you get to also!
If you took the time out of your day to read this or support me in some way - please know that you are part of what I'm feeling grateful for on my journey...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Be. You.

We have all seen the quote "be yourself, everybody else is already taken"...but I wonder how often we sit back and instinctively listen and live the message that it has to offer. I can recall many times where the integrity of myself has been compromised by my own allowing. For far too many years I placed my needs aside to meet the needs of others first. I did this because I wanted too, but there became a time where my needs weren't being met by me or others. This goes back to the feelings of unworthiness or not being good enough to do what I feel I'm placed here on this Earth to do.
Learning to be me ALL of the time has been one of the most incredible journeys I could have asked for in life. Through deep meditation, love, trust, education, quality time with people who truly adore me, movement, and perseverance I have found a way to BE ME without compromising the likes of others but by actually enhancing both myself and others. This is very liberating. Speaking my needs, honouring them first and then showing up for people makes me a better listener, confidant, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, lover, and much makes me braver, stronger, freer, clearer - you get the point. We all have days and moments where we think "should I have said/done that?" but wouldn't it be nice to seriously just admit you made a mistake and fix it instead of dancing around it?
I'm pretty sure mistakes are a part of human existence and part of the beauty in making them is fixing them and building something stronger for yourself and possibly others...I've never really had a hard time admitting my flaws...I can do it. The only thing is - it takes me a bit to admit. lol. By this I mean...I may get an a heavy discussion with someone and be totally stubborn about my opinion - but then with time and space I can come back and make a point to admit where/when I am wrong and give credit to the other person. In a perfect world - I'd like to see others do this more easily - like really - get out of the EGO mind and just admit you were wrong or slightly off or whatever and appreciate whoever was right. Anyways my point for today is to BE. YOU. practice it. be patient with it. honour it. love it. trust it. respect it. respect others BE. YOU. moments. have fun with it. LISTEN to it. By being you, you say yes to your body, mind, soul and every part of you radiates!!! This doesn't mean you won't have to compromise is some ways for others but be honest about it and understand that by compromising we are showing respect and love and honour. Do the things you need to do to find your BE. YOU. and believe in what it tells you. It might be working out, walking, yoga, talking, could be anything. For me finding the strength to be me involved a lot of Yoga but mostly GROOVING. This notion of moving MY body in a way that is authentic to me and listening to what it needed gave me the most power to be my BE. YOU. as much as I possibly can....
Cuteness: here's a BE. YOU. moment from a sweet child in my class...I've talked a bit about all the Spring Love happening in my class and the crushing...well it's settled down a bit like I knew it would...but the other day we were lining up and this little boy was being just a great little boy - polite, funny, kind, respectful and fun...I said to his friends "wow - you guys are lucky to have such a friend. He's a great guy!" and sure enough his little crush steps out of line and flails her hand out toward him and says "I know - that's why I'm ATTRACTED to him" and then saunters back into line being her BE. YOU.
No fear, no worry...just an honest comment that probably made the boy feel pretty good! Pretty sure I have the best job in the world.
On that note - have an incredibly awesome EASTER weekend. BE. YOU. and love it. Notice it. Honour it. AND - make a point to tell people all the goodness you think about them - especially if you are attracted to them ;)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Staying Connected

In this 21st century I often wonder what type of impact it is going to have on humanity. I don't think I am alone here. We have amazing technology that is meant to keep us connected but I think there is a HUGE piece missing. Human interaction. People are becoming consumed in their devices in a way that is creating the opposite of the intention (or maybe that was the intention). Many people have NO idea how to interact with others, I really believe we are losing out here on the fundamentals of life that create and sustain things like LOVE....for example human touch and embrace - a hug from someone can create such an energy surge through your whole being. I get it - life's busy and 'the only way to stay connected is to Skype' it really??? Maybe if you have tools to balance your life, but I'm not sure how many people actually have the tools to balance technology and reality. Don't get me wrong here - the computer is great - it allowed me to blog didn't it? But I have the capability to
I'm just trying to say that I think we need a major shift in how we are allowing technology to take over society...I think it is negatively impacting relationships, friendships, and families. Today I'm going to focus on how I think it is affecting families. This probably isn't a surprise for most people...but I actually starting working with families at a very young age and I have always been drawn to helping families function. And as I enter this new stage in my life, I am realizing that the capacity in which I am meant to help families is far beyond what I am doing in the classroom. I truly believe that I am meant to help families build a strong connection and to stay connected. We are entering a phase in life where the parents know how to use technology and it has been in their life for the majority of it...I like to call these parents the "guinea pigs of a wide array of technological advances". Now, here's the tricky part -- if these parents have not learned to totally and fully embrace all other areas of life -- like nature, quality time, exploration, travel, education -- the kids might be in trouble. Just my speculation...but if someone is totally consumed by their device (computer, tablet, phone, etc) they're gonna miss a whole shit load of LIFE! and so are their children. 
I'm not saying that every family is going through this...but what I am saying is that a lot of families are going through this. I'd like to help break this trend/rut/sticky situation and help families function using both real time and tech time in a balanced way. I'd like to help because I don't think that children's needs are being met...their need to explore the world - i.e. park, grass, nature, bugs, etc. is being stifled by these games on a little phone  - because they are safer inside than outside from strangers, etc, etc. The real issue is - parents watch the kids? Pretty simple....take your children outside - even in the rain...allow them to develop an appreciation for this beautiful world we have been blessed with. Play a board game together. Create a new version of hide-n-seek...I have been involved in some very epic games of hide-n-seek and let me tell you the high energy feeling you get from this is far beyond anything a game off your device will give you. (note: I don't think those games give you anything but a new addiction)
So, as I start to plan for my summer and how to be useful and productive...I'm wondering what you think families need right now? Is it a place or space to just be, tools to connect, ideas, someone to help their children connect to nature??? What are your thoughts...I'd love to hear them...

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Groove Family

Today I am spending the day with my Groove Family...these are some of the people that allow me to be AUTHENTICALLY me and know that if I do that - I can't get ME wrong...
As I enter this day, I wish peace and HAPPINESS for all families...give someone in your family a call today that maybe you haven't spoken with...or an extra hug to someone in your family that needs it...
Tomorrow I will return with a happy HEART and ready to share my weekly blog post!!!
Have the BEST day - filled with LOVE and FAMILY!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Vulnerable Voice

So, I had a whole blog written here this morning and I erased it. Delete. Gone. Immediately after I asked myself; "what was it that I didn't want to share? What was I afraid of?". The whole point of my blog today is to share that I've found a safe place in my heart to be vulnerable and share my voice.
Up until a few years ago, for as long as I can remember, in all aspects of my life I didn't share everything that I knew to be true inside. Sometimes I was fearful of judgment or lack of appreciation or confrontation. And so people have always just viewed me as the sweet girl who doesn't know much - or at least that is how it has felt. This was present in my family, friendships, love and career. Even though I'm an honest person and very loyal I haven't always shared everything that I want to say with everyone incase it hurt them or they couldn't accept it and the last thing I ever want is tension. I'm a keeper of peace, I will face tension head on but sometimes I admit, I dodge it.
For example, this really affected a 10 year friendship that I had. We both dodged tension and NEVER dealt with feelings that stemmed from hurt, only the good ones. For a while we thought it was working itself out or maybe we just told ourselves that for fear of losing one another. When I look back over the years though, there were multiple times I could have spoken more directly even if it hurt myself and friend a little. It would have meant honouring my true self. Like saying, man you really annoyed me today or "what the heck were you thinking?". Anyways, something major happened in one of our lives and in the thick of it all that resentment rushed to the surface and clouded our ability to see clearly. Looking back, this was probably a good thing. Things needed to change for both of us. We both needed to find our voices and honour them. It wasn't until a good friend of mine said "aren't you afraid of holding resentment for not working through the anger?" that I realized I needed to ground myself and connect to my soul/being - because there were areas in my life that I did air things just not in this friendship for some reason...
Three years ago this was a major trigger for me to start living an authentic life without judgment of others and with strength to say what I mean when I feel it as much as I can. This meant committing to being vulnerable (this word used to scare the crap out of me - now I embrace it). And crap have I ever been vulnerable these past few years, I probably have a few more layers to peel off but kind of feels like your naked lol but wouldn't I know that the first one to come in and comfort me - was me? And more than that, I've built a community of people over the last few years that truly allow me to be ME. They love, appreciate and respect my ME and I love, appreciate and respect their THEM. They hear me. They listen to my true voice, the good, bad and in between. Here's the joy in finding your voice - there actually are people who want to see you/me shine so brightly in your/my highest regard. There are people cheering for my voice to be louder than loud - okay - not in an annoying egocentric way - that's just NOT me, but in the soft and gentle way that is me. Most of the time my voice is pretty gentle and I speak beautiful truths cause I feel it, I am talking about not honouring that I am meant to help people by sharing all of my thoughts and inner knowings.
I've allowed my true self to appear in my career as this is mostly why I write, to heal people and help them be the best they can be for all of the little people in our world. I have a question though - at what point do we layer on the thickest coat of "hide your voice" to these kids???? A little filter - yes...but people are going through life not saying what needs to be said. Where do you put those words anyways? For me, I have the tools to release - but does everybody? What's more is that people aren't saying the good stuff either. If a friend, coworker or a lover did something great why the heck can't we just celebrate them??? Why are so many people attached to their jealously? See this is what I mean - I never used to call people on not speaking authentically and being jealous - but here I am - having felt those things at times too - saying STOPAdmit your jealous and move on. Then celebrate your person, people!!!! Geez! If you speak more lovingly, freely in these times than your goodness will grow, I truly believe that.
When it comes to relationships, I've been given some terrible advice and acted on it and some great advice and acted on it and for far too long I didn't hold myself in the highest regard and made excuses for the other person. This clouded my ability to support, see clearly and appreciate myself and the person. Nope. Not anymore. I will say what needs to be said that honours me and the other person. BUT - at the same time, I will keep being me and live my life. For it's far more important and freeing to say what you feel you need to say than to filter your every thought and feeling. At least this is what I believe. I still have foot in mouth syndrome sometimes - like last night (unrelated to relationships but relevant) I shared some of my personal self with coworkers - then I immediately thought - shit!!! Was that an over share? It didn't take long for me to listen to my true voice and not ego and realize that someone at that table needed to hear what I said. Peace and balance restored.
As I peel away layers and share my journey through my writing, I've found that this is where my true, full voice comes out. People that know me know that I'm authentic and that I share honestly and openly, it's just they didn't know is that I know that my purpose is greater than just the one-on-one time we have and I am meant to share my voice, life experiences with a whole ton of others through my writing. If I wasn't than I wouldn't have a box of stories to share. I just had to allow myself to be vulnerable before I shared them. Vulnerable with my thoughts. Vulnerable with my words. Vulnerable with my heart. And boy was it hard to get here with so many hurts in life. And I'm sure the ride will be like going through waves.... regardless, I'm here at the moment...and I'm enjoying the journey...
p.s. how was the buddha hunt? did you find ways to live more lovingly, let go gracefully?
This past week challenged me definitely - but in all honestly, I did see myself cultivating more love, and living gently - okay - I did go through a rocky spot first with something terrible that is related to a student that I'm not at liberty to say - but I used my tools like yoga... and so I was able to cultivate peace and support the student in a way that will impact their entire future in what I hope to be a positive way...this is because I used my voice and honoured my gift.