Sunday, 27 April 2014


This past week I received the first sketch of the main character for one of the children's books that I have written AND I was completely ecstatic when I got it! The little character is PERFECT! I am seriously trying to contain myself as I wait for the rest of the process to unravel...It was a really cool feeling to open a package for this purpose - almost like another step in my journey as been unlocked and life has given me more opportunity to be authentically me. And as much as I want to surprise the people in my life with the final product, I need to share my excitement.. It got me thinking about who is in my life and who has supported me through my journey and who will still be there once my books are published...and so this past week I've also been taking a look at my 'community'. By this I don't mean the place in which I live and am therefore a part of...I mean the people and places I associate myself with. Especially the people. I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have the people in my life that I do, that goes far beyond my family. I have a community of beautiful best friends, friends, yogis, groovers, and just people I've met along the way in life. Some of my community members I can't imagine life without and I thank my lucky stars for them.
I've decided to spend the next - how ever long it takes - sending  thank you notes to my community - for being in my life in whatever way they have been, supporting me on my journey - some people have played a bigger role than others but I thank each person just the same. I have also shown the people that I care about that I care about them, and I will ALWAYS do that regardless of what life has to offer...and my message for today is to invite you, others, anyone to join me in this 'gratitude' shift...appreciate the people who make a difference in your life, the people who have believed in you and your dream - sometimes more than you have...because there comes a time when your dream comes to fruition and those people need to know they helped you in some way shift into the person you have become. This gratitude shift is meant to be different than your average 'thank you' -way bigger than just a simple thank's telling the people why you thank them and showing that you want them in your life regardless of where life takes you...
Today's blog is short n' sweet - because -'s absolutely beautiful outside and I can't wait to get back out there and soak up some time with the sun! I hope you get to also!
If you took the time out of your day to read this or support me in some way - please know that you are part of what I'm feeling grateful for on my journey...

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