Sunday, 13 April 2014

Staying Connected

In this 21st century I often wonder what type of impact it is going to have on humanity. I don't think I am alone here. We have amazing technology that is meant to keep us connected but I think there is a HUGE piece missing. Human interaction. People are becoming consumed in their devices in a way that is creating the opposite of the intention (or maybe that was the intention). Many people have NO idea how to interact with others, I really believe we are losing out here on the fundamentals of life that create and sustain things like LOVE....for example human touch and embrace - a hug from someone can create such an energy surge through your whole being. I get it - life's busy and 'the only way to stay connected is to Skype' it really??? Maybe if you have tools to balance your life, but I'm not sure how many people actually have the tools to balance technology and reality. Don't get me wrong here - the computer is great - it allowed me to blog didn't it? But I have the capability to
I'm just trying to say that I think we need a major shift in how we are allowing technology to take over society...I think it is negatively impacting relationships, friendships, and families. Today I'm going to focus on how I think it is affecting families. This probably isn't a surprise for most people...but I actually starting working with families at a very young age and I have always been drawn to helping families function. And as I enter this new stage in my life, I am realizing that the capacity in which I am meant to help families is far beyond what I am doing in the classroom. I truly believe that I am meant to help families build a strong connection and to stay connected. We are entering a phase in life where the parents know how to use technology and it has been in their life for the majority of it...I like to call these parents the "guinea pigs of a wide array of technological advances". Now, here's the tricky part -- if these parents have not learned to totally and fully embrace all other areas of life -- like nature, quality time, exploration, travel, education -- the kids might be in trouble. Just my speculation...but if someone is totally consumed by their device (computer, tablet, phone, etc) they're gonna miss a whole shit load of LIFE! and so are their children. 
I'm not saying that every family is going through this...but what I am saying is that a lot of families are going through this. I'd like to help break this trend/rut/sticky situation and help families function using both real time and tech time in a balanced way. I'd like to help because I don't think that children's needs are being met...their need to explore the world - i.e. park, grass, nature, bugs, etc. is being stifled by these games on a little phone  - because they are safer inside than outside from strangers, etc, etc. The real issue is - parents watch the kids? Pretty simple....take your children outside - even in the rain...allow them to develop an appreciation for this beautiful world we have been blessed with. Play a board game together. Create a new version of hide-n-seek...I have been involved in some very epic games of hide-n-seek and let me tell you the high energy feeling you get from this is far beyond anything a game off your device will give you. (note: I don't think those games give you anything but a new addiction)
So, as I start to plan for my summer and how to be useful and productive...I'm wondering what you think families need right now? Is it a place or space to just be, tools to connect, ideas, someone to help their children connect to nature??? What are your thoughts...I'd love to hear them...

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