Saturday, 19 April 2014

Be. You.

We have all seen the quote "be yourself, everybody else is already taken"...but I wonder how often we sit back and instinctively listen and live the message that it has to offer. I can recall many times where the integrity of myself has been compromised by my own allowing. For far too many years I placed my needs aside to meet the needs of others first. I did this because I wanted too, but there became a time where my needs weren't being met by me or others. This goes back to the feelings of unworthiness or not being good enough to do what I feel I'm placed here on this Earth to do.
Learning to be me ALL of the time has been one of the most incredible journeys I could have asked for in life. Through deep meditation, love, trust, education, quality time with people who truly adore me, movement, and perseverance I have found a way to BE ME without compromising the likes of others but by actually enhancing both myself and others. This is very liberating. Speaking my needs, honouring them first and then showing up for people makes me a better listener, confidant, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, lover, and much makes me braver, stronger, freer, clearer - you get the point. We all have days and moments where we think "should I have said/done that?" but wouldn't it be nice to seriously just admit you made a mistake and fix it instead of dancing around it?
I'm pretty sure mistakes are a part of human existence and part of the beauty in making them is fixing them and building something stronger for yourself and possibly others...I've never really had a hard time admitting my flaws...I can do it. The only thing is - it takes me a bit to admit. lol. By this I mean...I may get an a heavy discussion with someone and be totally stubborn about my opinion - but then with time and space I can come back and make a point to admit where/when I am wrong and give credit to the other person. In a perfect world - I'd like to see others do this more easily - like really - get out of the EGO mind and just admit you were wrong or slightly off or whatever and appreciate whoever was right. Anyways my point for today is to BE. YOU. practice it. be patient with it. honour it. love it. trust it. respect it. respect others BE. YOU. moments. have fun with it. LISTEN to it. By being you, you say yes to your body, mind, soul and every part of you radiates!!! This doesn't mean you won't have to compromise is some ways for others but be honest about it and understand that by compromising we are showing respect and love and honour. Do the things you need to do to find your BE. YOU. and believe in what it tells you. It might be working out, walking, yoga, talking, could be anything. For me finding the strength to be me involved a lot of Yoga but mostly GROOVING. This notion of moving MY body in a way that is authentic to me and listening to what it needed gave me the most power to be my BE. YOU. as much as I possibly can....
Cuteness: here's a BE. YOU. moment from a sweet child in my class...I've talked a bit about all the Spring Love happening in my class and the crushing...well it's settled down a bit like I knew it would...but the other day we were lining up and this little boy was being just a great little boy - polite, funny, kind, respectful and fun...I said to his friends "wow - you guys are lucky to have such a friend. He's a great guy!" and sure enough his little crush steps out of line and flails her hand out toward him and says "I know - that's why I'm ATTRACTED to him" and then saunters back into line being her BE. YOU.
No fear, no worry...just an honest comment that probably made the boy feel pretty good! Pretty sure I have the best job in the world.
On that note - have an incredibly awesome EASTER weekend. BE. YOU. and love it. Notice it. Honour it. AND - make a point to tell people all the goodness you think about them - especially if you are attracted to them ;)

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