Monday, 5 May 2014

The Best Way to Check in and Recharge!

This past weekend has been filled with complete abundance for me, and likely for more than a handful of women I consider my closest friends. These women are angels in my life. They have taught me so many things and loved me unconditionally. More than just listening and sharing their feelings, they honour my being and path. They truly seek the best for me and I for them. They are so safe, caring, kind, beautiful and compassionate - I really can't imagine life without them. From an a great dinner catching up with an old friend, to celebrating 30 years of another, and having a slumber party with my heart is overflowing with love as I write this post...
What I would like to focus on and share with you all today is how to truly nurture the 'girl friends' that you have in life. Far too often we have made excuses not to acknowledge what our friends truly need from us (we are all busy with work, children, boyfriends, husbands - these all fall under the category of excuses...) The truth is, in order to show up for the 'excuses in your life' - which also happen to be beauty in your life, at your best, you need to replenish yourself with the women (or men - actually...I'm not sure men have as much difficulty allowing guy time as women do) who feed your soul. These are the people you can trust...but in order to be a good friend effectively you have to show up on the in includes the big ways too like; investing in some quality time, sleepovers, chats, dinners, etc...but also - but be there in between also...the world has made it way too easy to check in with your family and friends - a simple/quick phone call or message/email to let your friends know you care is the best way - you never know - your friend might be needing exactly the message you decide to send...and then setting dates to meet in bigger ways through events, dinners, etc.
I invite you to think about all of the amazing friends that you have surrounding you..and ask yourself:
Are you present enough in their life?...
Have you connected with them to know enough to know what is going on in their lives?
Have you honoured their path as much as they have honoured yours?
How could you make the friendship richer?
We are all at different stages, and I feel truly blessed to have a group of women who are at different stages than I - but - fully support and understand where I am at - AND - they show up for me. The feeling is mutual - I show up for them in the way they need also. What truly makes a friendship stronger and fills it with love and support is the ability to acknowledge where you are in your life, where your friend is in life, and meet somewhere in the middle so that both friends needs are met...
I care deeply about my friends and it is extremely important for me to be there for each one of them and so this topic is incredibly important and sacred to me...know that your friends need you just as much as you need them and sometimes that means stepping outside of the 'grown up world' and being that silly playful friend, like you are 8 years old all over's incredibly empowering, fulfilling and FUN!
I hope in someway today's post inspires you to invest some time with your friends honestly, in a way that honours both you and keep your connection to life and friendship as strong as possible. I will leave you with this quote...
"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity."
– Khalil Gibran

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