Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Incredibly Brave or Wildly Dumb?

So it has been a couple of weeks since my last post...life consumes us sometimes...in good ways and in bad. Luckily over the last couple of weeks I've been consumed in the good. Between a couple of meetings with my editor, writing a little more...oh and an amazing trip to New York City - and let me tell you this place has the capacity to tell many stories. It inspired me to write more...right from the moment I arrived at the airport in Canada to wait for my flight until the moment I boarded to come home this morning. This place really has you explore your power.
On the evening that I flew in, my friend was at an event so I found my way from New Jersery to the Village...I contemplate this trek being one of the sketchiest moments of my life...my flight had been delayed a couple hours, so what was meant to be a 9pm subway ride turned into a 12am subway ride. I met an incredibly nice couple that were on my flight and they brought me to Penn station (my first NYC heroes) lol...they got me on the right track to the Village...after saying our goodbyes, I got on the Subway train and immediately realized I was either incredibly brave or wildly dumb. Who takes the subway in an unfamiliar place, with basically no idea where you are going at midnight??? With luggage??? Why didn't I just go onto the street and take a cab???
As much as my heart was beating with all of the bizarre stares I was getting, I felt slightly empowered that I was actually navigating the City semi-independently...then the train stopped and it was time to get off...I needed a big gulp of strength, because as soon as I stepped onto the plat form, people disappeared (except for a few scary stragglers) and I started to panic...which stairs to take?! So, I befriend this man (hero #2) passing by and ask him kindly to get me to the street...he laughed and agreed...FINALLY I'm in the lively streets of NYC...I call my friend, who has started to panic because she hadn't heard from me in a bit, luckily she was just arriving home from the event and races down to meet me...I've never been so happy to see a familiar face as I was at that moment....this might not be the most sketchiest moment in another person's life...however, it did a number on me.
I'm curious...was it incredibly brave or just wildly dumb of me?! Luckily I was accompanied the rest of the weekend...I had a total BLAST!!! I can't quite figure out my favourite part - exploring the streets and passing through Little Italy, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square fun, Broadway, Piano Bar, and much more!!!
Since my blog's purpose is to appreciate the beauty in life, I must touch on my entire trip being fruitful and inspirational...when I landed in Toronto this morning I immediately wanted to return to NYC...this city is incredible, the way of life is chic, inspiring, a ton of fun, and just simply AWESOME. I've met some really great people...it was really neat to learn about the people I met and realize that 'everybody has their story'....the subway story is only the start of my weekend's adventures and a small story in the grand scheme of my life...lol
Do I see myself living there at some point???...quite possibly...soon.

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