Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Colour Fun!

Okay, admittedly it has been quite some time since my last blog...however, it has been report card writing time at school and I've been experiencing a lot of 'stay or go' feelings about NYC. There is something about the soil there...the fact that you can feel the hustle and bustle of the city but walk outside and in a few minutes you can still find some nature. Yup. The thoughts about moving there have been consuming me. I've decided to let it go for right now, and let whatever is meant to happen...happen.
Back to report consumption...well...among all of the others things teachers have on the go, there are about 3 times a year where we are scrambling to get these reports written. Although they are informative to parents and I am becoming a pro at writing them, they are incredibly time consuming. I've created a little reward system for myself during report card writing season...If I complete a certain amount in a given amount of time then I provide myself with a glass of wine or yoga class OR even better...a little bit of GROOVING! And then I return to the computer and write again...hahaha
Anyway, round one is done...printing is on Monday, then editing and they are shipped home for parental sure since I have completed round one, I'm good for a decent reward! Well, I've decided to reward myself with a fun little summer style challenge...TOTALLY out of my realm. Love fashion. Love clothing. Never considered putting this much support into what I choose to wear though. I'll get back to why there is support in a bit...first I want to share why I have titled part of my blog the way that I have...colourful...
I love colour. I love incorporating colour that flows nicely in all areas of my life. Each day when I'm getting ready I choose a colour to focus in on for my outfit and I go with it. Most of my outfits or writing will have a pop of colour (note to self - when revamping blog...look into changing font colour). I love colour in nature the most...the spring/just about summer time is my absolute favourite! I love being outside and admiring the natural colours coming up...from flowers blooming to the richness in greens all around, sometimes I just simply can't get enough...aside from it being beautiful, it's incredibly relaxing and peaceful to just be outside and enjoy the colour that surrounds us daily. When my students ask me my favourite colour...I always respond 'I have three...can I share all three???' and of course they say no, just one. And so I share all three'purple, blue and green...all shades of all three!' Really, I don't even think there is a colour I don't like...I like all sorts of colours and I literally have a bit of everything in my closest too, and I love colour in meals...I think it is so awesome to make a plate of food that looks rich in colour...mmm
Okay, back to the style point above, I already loved putting clothes together based on with the challenge an interesting spin has been added and it's kinda's a huge confidence booster...and got me out of my lulu''s been easy to say, well I work with kids, I need to be able to move around easily - which is 100% true...I do...but I also get to add the fun accessories and find other things that can keep it comfortable but make it fun, classic, and chic...a friend of mine joined a group doing this as she came off of maternity leave, she told me about it and I decided to join...essentially you are given a list of 'must haves' (everyone's might be slightly different) for the challenge and then over 3 weeks each day you are sent suggestions on how to pair your's been a lot of fun to have added a few new pieces that can be paired in a variety of ways to make lots of different outfits...and there is a group where you post your fun finds and combinations and other words, FUN! FUN! FUN!
My intention with my blog is to appreciate beauty as much as possible, and whereas somewhere along the line in life we all have tough stuff to deal with, I want to help inspire ways to lift people by helping them find even the tiniest bit of beauty in their life and just keep it growing...focus on I encourage you to start by really embrace the colours in nature right now. Even when you are driving...there are plenty of colours happening right now...and maybe even pay attention to which colours you always wear and whether you can find ways to incorporate more colour in your life...maybe through
Anyways, wishing you all an amazing weekend filled with purple, blue and green! hehehe...

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