Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Check out these awesome BLOGGERS!

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" title="Check out these awesome Bloggers style and their Blogs!!!">Check out these awesome Bloggers style and their Blogs!!!

Life is pretty good when you have a bunch of amazing women embracing style!!! Day 3 of the Style Challenge and I'm feeling giddy...I'm giddy because: I'm taking selfie's (and actually not minding it), my heart is being filled with the kind words of an awesome group of women, I'm actually pumped to get dressed in the morning...AND the outfits incorporate COLOUR...aside from being able to pick out anything in my closest and love what I'm wearing every day...I totally feel empowered by the amount of women across the globe wearing similar outfits - ALL supporting one another on a journey of fashion, empowerment, style (not just in clothing - but by welcoming and rocking their own 'chic-ness')
So, we've all decided to do a link up...share our blogs with our blog readers and invite them on this journey of fulfillment in kind words that appreciate each person's beauty and AUTHENTICITY! 
(hope I've copied the link up directions correctly)
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