Thursday, 3 July 2014

It's Her Magic...

The school year ended last week and my student's definitely did their best to make me feel special. They showered me with cards, letters, gifts, and of my favourite thank you gifts was this beautiful flower (the colours! right? how'd she know?)

As much as I appreciate gifts from my students, the cards are what makes my heart happy. The notes and kind words from parents thanking me for how hard I worked all year and the printing and writing from my students...and the eraser marks - all because mom and dad said to use their neatest printing. One student decided to write a whole story! This story melted my heart a little...okay...ALOT.

The story started by students wanting to enter my classroom. The little girl literally drew me with a beaming yellow light surrounding me and students calling out..."it's her magic!!!" in speech bubbles. Then there was a picture of the Principal coming by the room shouting "what's going on in here" ...with a secondary speech bubble that had the Principal saying "oh...her magic".
Like really??? The story continued by capturing our class trip to the Science Centre where I got the class lost in a forest (this never actually happened) and we were all found by this "man"...AND...out of no where it becomes a love story...I some how lived happily ever after with the man that found us in the forest...the last picture was myself and this prince charming and hearts all around us...

Okay, I admit it...sometimes I feel like I will never meet my person...but the hope, wonder, and pure love coming from this 7 year old definitely gives me a kick in the butt...because I don't actually know when or where...but it will happen (perhaps in some random forest when I am lost with not 1 but 20  - six and seven year olds...) lol

I really wanted to post a picture of the story today, but somehow in all of the packing of my teaching materials, it has been misplaced. Since I don't know what Grade I will be in next year I had to pack up EVERYTHING. It made me realize how much I have invested in this career (the one that won't even recognize me as permanent yet). Seven boxes, one pack of pre-written poems on chart paper, a classroom mascot, and pack of Mr.Sketch markers later and my basement is packed. All in all I end this school year feeling full of magic that shapes children's lives, a heart happy, and a mind that is curious...will I need my primary, junior or intermediate brain come September?


  1. LOVE the new design!!!!!!!!!! It's PERFECT!
    And I love how much you positively impact your students, even they can't help but see your 'magic' :)

    1. It's so fun! Those little ones are lucky - I totally found the story today, I will have to post the pic of it!