Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Where Is The Summer Going?

So this summer has become a busy one..a good busy though. Since school ended so much has happened. I spent 2 weeks scoring EQAO testing (provincial testing for the little ones). As tedious as the scoring was, I felt that it was a really good experience. My favourite part of the 2 weeks was meeting a handful of colleagues that I now get to call friends. Each day my dear friend Amanda and I would arrive and meet up at break times and slowly our table of two grew to a table of 3, 4...5, 6 and then 7...knowing that we would meet at break kind of helped us get through all the scoring. I'm sure that I will continue to get to know my new friends and I'm really looking forward to our first dinner night!!!

After the scoring was done I returned home and spent an amazing week with two little girls that I truly adore. I've been a Nanny for 2 families in my life (both experiences come with incredible stories) and one of the families are from Barrie. It has been 6 years since I have been the Nanny for Lauren and Victoria. When I was their Nanny they were 3 and 5 years old. I love spending time with the girls so I have spent about a week each summer with them, something they like to refer to as 'Becca Camp'. This week has become a week of adventure, fun, learning and lots of LAUGHTER! I enjoy hearing about their year at school and sharing the things that I have experienced throughout the school year.

I always arrive early Monday morning during Becca Camp to a mini book that acts as an itinerary for the week. This past week included a day of cooking, a trip to the ranch for some horseback riding (both of them had their first experience riding a horse), a pj and movie day, Wonderland and a day of pampering. As you can see below the girls really know how to pamper me...

What I love most about our visits is that the girls feel completely safe to share with me. They tell me how they are feeling, what makes them feel happy, sad, scared and curious. I also love see how much they grow into the women they will be one day...each year they become more beautiful, kind, loving, understanding and respectful. Even though the week we spend together goes by so quickly, I know I will see them again and we will continue to laugh about anything, create little movie theatres. Okay, a little back story here. When I was the girls' Nanny I would help them build whatever they imagined...we built a pretend campfire in the middle of January once (including fake sticks and real marshmallows for roasting), we built a rocket ship that was life size - it had buttons and everything! And, their favourite was the movie theatre - which they continue to run every time I visit. This past week the show was in 3D - so I had to wear a pair of sunglasses for the entire movie.

It means so much to me that they admire the things we did so much that it will forever be a part of their memories and I look forward to creating more as time and age shifts...I wonder what I will be able to convince a 11 and 13 year to build next...

p.s. this week I am running a summer camp that I opened with one of my best friends and colleagues called 'Little Yogi's that Groove n' Give' so my up coming blog will talk about all of the fun adventures from camp this year!
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  1. sounds like a fun-filled week!!
    hopefully with the rest of your busy summer we can fit some more girl's nights in!

    1. That would be so much fun! Perhaps to celebrate someone's Bday ;)

  2. How fun that you get to spend time with the girls you were a nanny for each summer! Sounds like you had an amazing week! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


    1. Hi Jill! Of course - I love your blog :) I'm excited to keep following your journey!!!