Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Trip To The Doctors...

Just over a week ago I found myself sitting in my doctor's office waiting for that yearly examination, and of course I was listening in on the conversations around me. I'm happy to report, that all was well, shortly after I found myself sitting in the waiting room for the medical lab for some blood work, I realized that this "medical lab" (shall remain nameless) just wasn't in the business of making people happy. As I was sitting and waiting to be called into a room, a woman walked in and was sent away because what she was asking might have required just a little extra effort on their behalf...

I'm wondering when this place became such a business and why they feel entitled to make us (the clients) feel like we are just a number? Isn't the sheer fact that we may have a particular health concern we might be worrying about that put us here in the first place, enough???

Today's blog goes to the woman who wanted to be cut a little slack in the medical lab...she had made an appointment in the afternoon across town, however was stuck in this building for a couple of hours and was wondering if they could help her out and switch it to this location...she was super polite and hoping to save just a little headache out of her day...however, the medical lab lady thought it was too much of a hassle because she would have to have the paperwork faxed over...pretty sure that is why we have fax machine's...but okay...the lady ended up leaving and I was pretty annoyed by this for the woman, and found myself biting my tongue...lately I just feel so much like I want to speak up for the right things to be done for both myself and others. And believe me, I am the first person to feel empathy and understanding for even the employees and how they are feeling. It just so happens that I've had multiple experiences at medical lab's where the employees just jab you and are so rude.

A few minutes go by and the employee who couldn't be bothered to help the lady out tells me to wait in cubicle 4...I'm thinking "oh great, she's likely going to jab my arm". Then to my surprise this beautiful woman enters my cubicle with a bright smile and restores my faith in the healing arts....she was kind, considerate and patient...all of the qualities it takes to be in the profession. I felt incredibly relieved.

I do think that the medical field needs a huge makeover in the people skills department...there is no need to make people feel stressed, just simply adopt the attitude of being kind, doing what we can with what we have, and maybe...just maybe...exchanging a couple smiles and nice words...maybe I will spend some time advocating for this when I find myself in these situations.


  1. somewhat related, I received the worst referral EVER from a nurse the other day. She was blatantly rude and condescending to me and all I could think was "aren't we supposed to be on the same side?" and "I truly hope you don't talk to your patients like this".

    1. overhaul needed...just saying...